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  Historical Background District Hoshiarpur
Hoshiarpur district lies at the foothills of Shivalik range with river Beas flowing North to South of it. There are two versions about the foundation of Hoshiarpur town and derivation of its name. According to the first it is said to have been founded by Hargobind and Ram Chand Diwan of Mohammad-Bin-Tuglak era. The second version ascribes the foundation of the town to one Hoshiar Khan resident of Bajwara a suburb village of Hoshiarpur. Hoshiarpur as the first Anglo Sikh war and comprised five Tehsils viz Mukerian, Hariana, Hoshiarpur, Una and Garhshankar. The reorganization of Punjab on Ist November, 1966, brought significant changes in the jurisdiction of the district and part of Una Tehsil (Nangal, Anandpur Sahib) areas being attached to the newly formed district of Ropar and the remaining part of the Una Tehsil in Himachal Pardesh.
At the present it has an area of 3,365 sq km and population as per 2001 census is 14,78,045 persons. It has four sub divisions viz Hoshiarpur, Dasuya, Mukerian and Garhshankar. Ten Development Blocks namely Hoshiarpur-I, Hoshiarpur-II, Bhunga, Tanda, Dasuya, Mukerian, Talwara, Hajipur, Mahilpur and Garhshankar and eight Municipal Councils at Hoshiarpur namely Hoshiarpur, Hariana, Tanda, Dasuya, Mukerian, Garhdiwala, Sham Chaurasi and Garhshankar with one Notified Area Committee at Mahilpur. There are 1313 gram panchayats and 1424 villages.
Hoshiarpur is predominantly a rural district with 80.34% population living in rural areas. Despite this the literacy rate of district is highest in State which is 81.44% as compared to the other district of Punjab. Hoshiarpur is the largest topographic variety.
There are 33 large/medium industrial units with a capital investment of Rs. 1069.03 crore and 9109 small scale units with a capital of Rs. 100.45 crore in the district. The large scale industrial units have provided direct employment to 14,912 persons and small scales to 20,085 persons.
To provide health facilities to the people there are 7 rural and 6 urban hospitals in the district. Besides; there are 34 rural Primary Health Centres and 2 urban, 5 rural community health centers and 3 urban in the district. The district has 93 veterinary hospitals and 91 dispensaries/insemination centers.
To impart the education there are 12 co-educational colleges and 5 girls colleges in the district. There is one teacher Training Institute, 71 senior secondary schools for boys, 6 for girls, 165 high schools for boys, 13 for girls, 182 middle schools for boys, 4 for girls, 1256 primary schools for boys, 3 for girls, one E.E.T., one Polytechnic and 5 it is for boys and 2 for girls in the district. The district has 27 sq km  under protected forests, 21 sq km under un-classified forest, 201 sq km under forest and 893 sq km under Section 4 and 5 of Punjab Land Preservation Act. The percentage of forest area in the district is 32.85%.. The fish is stocked in 260 hectares. The total length of roads in the district is 3846 km and 99.57% villages have been linked with roads.
On account of distinction of having highest literacy rate is the state, large number of civil/military officers and engineers are the product of this district. The district has the highest number of ex-servicemen in state.
Hoshiarpur is famous for Ivory works. Major fruits grown in the district are Mango, Kinnow, Peach, litchi, pear, Guava etc. and among the vegetables Potato has the major share followed by Peas, cauliflower, tomato, cabbage, brinjal etc. Under floriculture marigold annual chrysanthemum and goadieli are grown.


Area in (000) Hects.

1. Total geographical area 339
2. Forests 109
3. Barren land 1
4. Land use other than cultivation 24
5. Permanent pastures 1
6. Present waste land 1
7. Area under cultivation 203
8. Irrigation area 154
9. Unirrigated area 49
10. Area sown more than once 145
11. Gross cropped area 348
12.Cropping intensity 171%
District Police Structure:-


Police Station

Police Post



1. Samundra
2. Binewal
3. Saila
4. Kot Fatuhi
5. Jaijon


1. City

2. Sadar

3. Model Town

1. Purhiran


1. Mehtiana
2. Bullowal
3. Hariana

3.Sham Churassi


1. Tanda
2. Garhdiwala



1. Dasuya
2. Talwara



1. Mukerian
2. Hajipur


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